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5 Minute Simple Makeup

cover for 5 minute simple makeover video maxfield cosmetics

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Hi it’s Makeup Monday and this is the first Makeup Monday for 2019, so every Monday I’m going to show you a short tutorial on something to do with makeup and as you know it’s an A to Z year, so with that in mind today being A, it’s going to be about an All Over Look, so I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial. 

Start with Hydrating Primer. Just two pumps more than enough. Just gives you a good base to everything. Mineral powder, you can get it in so many different colors. This is my little travel one. I just tap a little bit into the lid, pick it up with the brush and do you know what I love about the product is you really don’t have to focus on what you’re doing. You just have to get on so you don’t have to worry about streaks along the hairline, the chin, and look, it’s not a heavy foundation just to give you some coverage during the day to really all you

Just under the cheek bones don’t come in much further than the end of the eyes, but I’ll tell you all that in a few other videos. Apply it under the chin and where the supermodels up it out with the temples. Now, for those of you who don’t want to do a lot of makeup, you could just put on some Mascara and lip gloss and be gone now. But I like to give my eyebrows a bit more shape so I’m literally just using Macciato and just giving it some shape. And the reason I use a soft brush is I just want them to look nice and natural, and a little bit thicker.

Right now I want to put my eyeliner on. Because I’m away on holidays at the moment. I just had to work with what I had with me. So I’m actually using one of my indelible eyeshadows. This color is Forest. It is, really soft and will actually last all day. What I do love is then to get the kick at the end. Just the angle the brush.

Now let’s talk a little bit of eye shadow. So, I’m going to put a base of a Mocha on first. I’m just using one of my fluff brushes and starting to see on the edge and just it in and don’t flick you and you can end up with the color all over your nose.

If you’ve got really wide set eyes, you do this the opposite way around. I’m going to put a little bit of Felt. On as well. Just to add a bit more depth. I don’t want to really heavy makeup today. I just wanted something nice and natural and you see how I just keep using the same brush. I know a lot of people would say no, but I just moved. So I’m using Sahara up here just to contrast. 

Now I’m going to show you something marvelous and I do one at a time. So this is my primer and this is just a Brown Mascara. I wear Brown Mascara because if you notice there’s not a lot of black to me, so black Mascara would be too strong. See, look at the difference in that because lashes, with the primer really helps. See how much shorter they look if I face the other way. Okay, let’s finish the other eye. So that is the Mascara prime and this is just the ultimate Mascara. I just wiggled on the bottom ones to get the color on.

I will be showing you how to put lashes on and doing a lot of this in detail and a lot more contouring. But today’s just a simple quick makeup. And now – Lipliner, I love this one. You can hardly see it. It’s what’s called to Tantalize.

It’s like being at the dentist. You can’t talk. So I put it onto there. Then I do a little fill in, but some mornings because I love this color, it is all that I wear. 

I just, I went out on a date the other night, just wearing Tantalize

Okay. So that is just wearing the lip liner. I’m putting a clear gloss over the top and I really, really loved that color, but I also love, the lipgloss Playdate. 

I gotta tell you this stuff tastes fantastic. So that is first makeup of the year. It’s an all over makeup and it’s just a quick one that you can do before you run out the door. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial and I want to help you Maximize Your Image.

This is Clare Maxfield and I want to help you to Maximize Your Image.

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