31 days of transformational Style

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31 Days to Makeover your Style

Have you wondered what it would be like to have someone to help you with your style every day?

This 31 Days in Style program give you

  1. Daily motivation
  2. Daily quests to accomplish
  3. Daily quick videos to listen to
  4. Ideas to Makeover Your style

Makeover your style by

  • Personal Style
  • What you like to wear
  • How to shop without spending a cent
  • Are you using your wardrobe wisely or wastefully
  • What you really need
  • Who you really are
  • and much, much more

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What others have said

WRAP UP: Thanks Clare – The 31 Day Style Transformation program was extremely worthwhile & fun. This program has certainly added value to my wardrobe, my style direction & my approach to organising and getting things done. I rediscovered, restyled and wore different combinations of outfits which is always refreshing. Shopping in your wardrobe and playing dress ups is always fun. I identified items of clothing that definitely were not the right purchases – these have moved on to new homes where they will add value to someone else’s wardrobe & style. Your organisation and decluttering advice is in place. Love the post it note idea & I have even managed to restart a couple of projects that have been waiting for some action for a few years. This program has been rejuvenating journey of discovery which has contributed positively to my wardrobe, my style and my life. Thanks again Clare. Look forward to following Stop Being Invisible Kim W

Hi Clare,
You had some great ideas that have made my life more efficient – I also loved the post it notes. I know Ive been going through changes and your program has brought them to light for me. Wasn’t able to post photos due to being in a ski suit a lot but did the exercises sometimes a few per day to catch up. enjoyed it immensely and re-evaluated my life & my style. Thanks! Tanya L


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