Book – 20/20 A Fresh Look at Business Growth

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Real Growth for Your Business!

The Year 2020 is not far away, and we often use the term 20/20 in relation to clear vision. This book is about creating a clear vision for your business moving towards the end of this new decade and creating fresh ways for you to manage the growth and success of your business. 20 of Australasia’s top business presenters, trainers, coaches and business strategists have joined together in sharing their insights and offer tips and guidance on these key areas:

• Sales and Marketing – including online and offline solutions
• Planning and Strategy – best practice planning and implementation
• Your People – hiring and managing the best

There’s also a section on other critical areas such as communication – speaking and writing well in business, how to hire and work with coaches and mentors, and harnessing the laws of attraction and the esoteric power of the universe.

Wherever your business is right now on the success continuum, and wherever you want it to be in 10 years time, this book will give you fresh insights into how you can grow your business – guaranteed.