Book – Lattes Laughter & Lipstick


In the custom of the bestselling books, The One Minute Millionaire and Who moved my Cheese, Lattes Laughter and Lipstick is a story which bares the soul of many women.Whether you are approaching forty or just feel you have lost the vitality you once had, this book will inspire you to make changes in your life.

The author of Lattes Laughter and Lipstick wrote the book to show women that they are not alone in their personal lack of confidence. Clare’s many years experience of working with women has revealed to her that  most women suffer the same concerns about who they are and their appearance. These women and their stories are woven into the fabric of this book.

This book is divided into two parts.

Part one: The story – the tale of three women and how they revitalise their lives

Part two: The steps involved for the reader to follow the same journey