E-Book – Full Style in 7 Series of books


All 313 pages of the Style in 7 series available for you in one downloadable book.


All 313 pages available to you right now.

Buy the full series for $97

Everything I cover during a personal consultation and more is in this online program.

You will get:

  1. Insights into Your Personality
  2. Full details on Your Body Shape
  3. Personalised notes on Your Colouring, intensity and contrast
  4. An understanding of Your Values
  5. How to work with Your Figure Assets
  6. How to choose the perfect accessories for yourself
  7. How to shop like a Stylist and build a Working Wardrobe.

Personalities. How to shop for your personality, how to blend multiple personalities and how to recognise the value of your personality in various workplaces and situations. Want to know your Personality – Do the Quiz NOW

Shape. Your personal body shape, how to dress it to flatter your figure, what garments are ideal and which are a nightmare for your shape. All that you need to do is send me a pic of yourself in gym gear or similar body-hugging outfit. I’ll then send you an extensive outline for your personal body shape. Discover your shape – Do the quiz

Colour. Whilst I can’t do a colour analysis online, I can determine your base grouping. The base grouping you belong to will be how most stores and stylists would select clothing for you. You will receive your own personal base grouping card in the post after you have sent me a well-lit pic of yourself so that I can determine what works for you. Then I will also send you an extensive booklet outlining what will work for you personally. Read More 

Values. This is part two to the personality program. The more you understand yourself the easier it will be for you to choose fashionable garments that suit your style. There is a two-part quiz associated with this program that delves further down into your psyche and I’ll not only be able to help you understand why you make the choices that you make based on your personality and values but also help you understand if you have any blockages in your wardrobe choices at all.   Want to know your Values – Do the Quiz NOW

Assets Every part of you is an asset. Only some are something that you wish to showcase more than others. This extensive program will outline all of the parts of the body and give you solutions to play up or play down each individual aspect of your body. Read More

Accessories Ever wondered how stylists get it right. They know how to work with accessories. This program goes into extensive detail on how to choose accessories for you, your personality, your body scale and your lifestyle. Read More

How to organise your wardrobe and shop like a stylist. To end the series, you want to know how we do it? How we can shop easily and effortlessly for you, our client. Well in this last part of the program, I’ll share with you all of the secrets to shopping like a stylist. 42 pages of tips, charts and guides and tools. Read more here What does your lifestyle look like? Do the Quiz

These modules can be accessed individually or as one package.

Along with much, much more to really give you a good idea of what are the best choices for you, your lifestyle, your wallet and your wardrobe.


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